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GRAPHIC ART & DESIGN | My alternative impetus


THE digitalization OF CANVAS HAS EXPONENTIALLY EXPANDED art as a visual medium

I’ve spent many years doodling and many years working as an Information Technology professional. In 2008, I created Geek Shui Living as a technology news outlet and consulting venue. It wasn’t until the Covid pandemic, though, that I realized I could combine artistic creativity and technology in a truly meaningful way. Since 2020, Geek Shui Living has evolved into something completely different as I’ve built an extensive portfolio that highlights what I can do for aesthetic enjoyment on a home wall or an effective marketing tool for small business owners who need attractive product on a modest budget.


anyone can have an idea, but it takes a creative to put it into pixels

I often choose photos from the thousands I’ve taken over the past decade and recreate them through digital drawing. I love to isolate elements from my photos and incorporate them back into the work to create mixed media. I feel it is a great way to make the most important aspects stand out.

Many of my creative pieces begin with a single photo or elements from various ones. The saying is true. Art imitates life. That said, I think that life also imitates art sometimes, in that a fleeting moment can become a enduring memory in our mind. These are but a few of the many wonderful memories I have created, and also thankfully captured up to this point in my life. I’ve taken thousands of photos over the last decade and a half, since I started actually collecting them. The primary reason I do so is to allow me to go back and reflect on my visual history, especially on the days when things are not so bright.


Branding 2.0

Traditionally, branding has been reserved for big businesses with big budgets. In the digital age, branding is being more scaleable and can be leveraged by any size business to grow and evolve. With the proliferation of social media and digital influencers, persona branding provides a way for professionals to make themselves stand out on digital resumes, professional profiles and more. If you don’t sell yourself in a positive way, who will?

Living your own geek shui

Today, many people have a Side Hustle, but I like to think of Geek Shui Living as my Alternative Impetus. A number of Geek Shui Living creations are available on our Etsy and Society 6 stores. I’m also available for customized art, logos, and other digital creations.

Since it’s my therapeutic, alternative impetus, Whether I make any money or not is thankfully unimportant. I do it because it’s part of who I am. If nothing else, I hope you take away a creative ember that allows you to find and explore your own art. Be well, friend.

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